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DOMEFLAKE Business Networks...

DOMEFLAKE, our economic ECOSYSTEM is a flexible best of breed solution that resolves and solves a lot of business process issues that are faced by organizations in Developing Countries, through a strategic use of system modules as part of a platform that ensures capture of and processing of data / information to facilitate measurable progress and predictable outcomes.

We focus on organization’s resources and objectives, and provide the standardized system processes to enable any organization effectively align provision of services / goods and acquisition of customers within the confines of the system.

We continuously improve on and provide critical success drivers by empowering organizations and users (Stake holders) with the real time business information they need to make informed spend / sell decisions. Our alliances and partnerships provide tangible resources for all DOMEFLAKE stakeholders, thus ensuring that the odds of success are continuously on the upswing. In short, every stakeholder’s involvement is an upside.

DOMEFLAKE People & Professional Pages, Active Directories...

People and Professional pages in conjuction with Active Directories (Business, Hotels, Restaurants, Community, Government, NGOs and Associations) facilitate global data access locally.

In combination, it is the first single comprehensive local source of information based specific geographical areas, with controls to ensure the integrity of the information presented.

It provides all users and providers mechanisms for community engagement, interactive access to online / offline services. It is also the preferred source of rated / reviewed professional / business information in the developing world for consumers, while availing providers contact management, business attainment and retention opportunities using multiple communication tools (Video, Voice, Chat), or in one system.

Why DOMEFLAKE Real Estate...

Today, mostly in developing markets, real estate investors, individuals and organizations / companies are exposed to incomplete information (Debt, Ownership, History, availability) in regards to property transactions, potentially increasing investor risk,. Attitudes and practices related to the market and the players tend to further magnify the risks. There is a lack of tools and processes to facility better financial and operational decision making, further minimizing the ability to better track and react to demand and supply.

The DOMEFLAKE Real Estate Module helps all parties on both the demand and supply side of the equation take better command of managing their interests using operational, reporting and KPIs amongst other tools. This potentially puts them in a position to do the following:

- Increase productivity by using a combination of customer relationship management tools, and tracking (Accounting) tools that, in tandem, ensure better tracking of opportunities, efficient account management and better management of the financial aspects of the organization.

- Increased profitability due to the system providing a bigger audience and the ability for that audience to communicate with suppliers in real time.

- Mitigating risk, through real time visibility of market conditions, and shared risk assessment data. - Easily perform investment level data aggregation and analysis.

- Use the consolidated information as a business advantage.

Information demand will continue to grow, and as buyers become more sophisticated shoppers, then the amount of information availed to buyers will be of much more critical importance, as the more complete and accurate it is, chances thereby increase for the buyer to make a an informed buying decision.

The DOMEFLAKE Real Estate Web based business intelligence tools, are designed to give stakeholders a real time global view of and access to standardized and transparent data, thereby expanding the options available to both suppliers and consumers. The DOMEFLAKE platform provides / facilitates a centralized operation that streamlines the processes involved in ensuring asset decisions are a part and parcel of an organization or individual’s business objectives.

We believe that the inverse relationship that exists between economic performance and demand for information is an advantage, as most people tend to look at more information in lean times, before making a spending decision. All this means that the brokers / real estate agents / property managers / Developers / Architects / Engineers / General Contractors will want to use our system to provide information that is as complete as possible to satisfy what potential customers are looking for. Current systems that are mostly manual, time intensive, and cannot scale in regards to data collection and dissemination are not sustainable, more so with organizations that have growing portfolios.

DOMEFLAKE for sustainable Economic Development...

The DOMEFLAKE Platform addresses most of the dynamics and related markets of the economic Ecosystem, while noting that every organization including various governmental organizations have tried to build an "accelerated economic development bridge", and the success is debatable. We believe that the Inclusiveness, Transparency, Visibility and Accountability provided by the DOMEFLAKE Ecosystem will go a long way in augmenting those efforts. Our starting point is “Information Availability”.

All Stakeholders, more so in the developing world, increasingly recognize the importance of information availability as a cornerstone of sustainable economic development, and are grappling with how to quickly address this constraint. We contend that more needs to be done to address the "Information Gap" concern, thereby maximizing the development impact and potential.

- We are automating transactional processes, mostly for use in the growing LDCs MKT, or emerging markets, by the same token giving a world view of the opportunities in those areas. This involves giving the various stakeholders real-time functional visibility into their transactions, using a combination of merged (mostly web) applications. All this centered on the DOMEFLAKE platform, which we use to give our stake holders (Individuals, businesses and related none /semi governmentals) increased exposure and channels through which to increase their visibility to varying audiences via various online / offline offerings.

- Information, mostly real-time information is a business’s most important asset, and we want to ensure that by extension this applies to consumers. We provide the Systems, Tools, services, and solutions that can help all stake holders capitalize on this advantage. The afore-mentioned are intelligent, flexible, and secure information infrastructures and they are the versatile foundations on which organizations can implement their information lifecycle strategies, secure their share of a diverse market place, leverage their exposure on the DOMEFLAKE Eco-system for competitive advantage, and automate their day to day operations amongst other benefits. Using the DOMEFLAKE Platform and related systems, development partners will avoid the potentially serious risks and reduce the significant costs associated with entry into new markets and manage growth.

Over time, participant’s offerings will evolve into comprehensive of best-of-breed information and solutions that enable individuals and other organizations align their short and long term objectives with their business needs and capabilities based on the changing value of the information as driven by the tools we provide.

DOMEFLAKE - The Economic Development Ecosystem

The DOMEFLAKE Ecosystem comprises of various stakeholders, both Individuals and Organizations cooperating and competing while acquiring / delivering services and products. Our platform provides all stakeholders increased exposure and visibility via various system channels, in addition to the complimentary tools needed to complete varying tasks and transactions through the provision / use of different components that share some critical capabilities.

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